Causes of iPhone Applications Frequently Quitting Alone and How to Solve It

Service iPhone - When using an application on the iPhone has problems, of course it can be quite annoying. Initially you can run an application without problems, but if suddenly the application closes itself for no apparent reason, of course you need to find out the cause and also how to solve it.

There are several reasons why the application often exits by itself. Instead of being curious, let's look at the following reviews:

1. Corrupted Settings

Corrupted/damaged settings can be one of the most common causes of an application crashing and then exiting on its own. Every application on the iPhone of course always saves user data on the application itself. Over time, the data may experience changes caused by several external factors, for example when you update the application.

The solution to this problem is if the application you are using is not used to store data locally, such as Twitter and Instagram, then you can download it and reinstall the problematic application. Most likely the application can run normally again.

2. Error When Update Application

If the problem arises after you install the latest app update from the developer, then there's most likely something wrong with the latest version. Things like this happen very often, because each user uses a different device and stores data.

The solution to this is to try contacting the developer through their site and then describe the problem you're having. You can also look at the developer's social media accounts and blogs to get an explanation from them. Usually, developers who notice errors in updating will notify their users directly.

3. iOS Compatibility

There are cases where the same version of the app works differently on different versions of iOS. For example, your friends can use Twitter on iOS 6.1.3 smoothly, while those of you who are still using iOS 6.1.1 often experience crashes.

The solution to this problem is to update iOS to the latest version that can still be supported by your iPhone or iPad. Developers usually always make sure their apps can run smoothly on the latest iOS. You can also ensure that the latest applications can still be used without problems by following the development of iOS.

4. Corrupted iOS Jailbreak

If you're using a jailbroken iOS, don't be surprised if there are frequent problems, especially those that have been installed with obscure tweaks. If you experience problems caused by using jailbroken iOS, then the solution is very simple, namely by removing the jailbreak, then restoring your iPhone or iPad to its original state.

5. Less Powerful Engine

Sometimes the iPhone itself is what causes the application to exit frequently. iOS has its own way of making sure hangs happen. iOS will automatically turn off any applications that are working too vigorously. This happens because the RAM on the iPhone is limited. The solution to this problem, of course, is to buy the latest iPhone.

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