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Service MacBook Jakarta - Indeed, many say that PC games can never 'get along' with Apple laptops. Many believe that a good and fun PC gaming experience can only be obtained from a Windows-based machine. Generally, these arguments arise because Macs don't have a powerful GPU and large RAM capital to play heavy games.

However, now many game developers have developed their work to be played by Apple laptop users. Some games that used to only be played on Windows, now have a Mac version. Even more interesting, there are various free games that can be played on Mac. So your MacBook is not only synonymous with office work. Instead of being curious, here are the recommendations for the best free games for Macbooks that you can play:

Lord of the Rings Online

If you are interested in adventure games in a fantasy world, then Lord of the Rings Online can be the right choice. This game was developed by Turbine and takes the story from books and films that have been shown. In addition, this game also provides free access to almost all the games on offer. The difference with the paid version is that in the free game there are only two character slots and the lack of "destiny points" in the game. Even though it's free, this one game still provides lots of interesting things that are fun and can definitely relieve your boredom.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

From several games with the FPS genre, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the games of choice that you can play on your favorite Macbook.

To be able to play this game, you don't need a high-spec computer. All you need is a Macbook with 2GB of RAM, MacOS X 10.7 or later, and 15GB of storage space. You can get this game for free on Steam. Even though it's free, you can still experience its many interesting features, such as the Danger Zone or the new battle mode.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is the right choice for those of you who are bored with FPS games that are too real, such as Counter Strike or Point Blank.

When you play this game, you will be required to choose a character from several available classes. You don't always have to carry a gun or shotgun, but this can be adapted to your chosen role, i.e. bomber, spy, or medic. Then, you can join one of two teams and then fight in various game modes.


When playing Paladins, you will be given the opportunity to choose 4 categories, namely Front Line, Damage, Support, and also Flank. This game is inspired by Team Fortress 2, and many even call this game a clone of Overwatch.

You can experience various exciting things while playing Paladins, including various game modes, such as team deathmatch, survival, and co-op. Paladins you can download on Steam for free. But, If you want to gain access to all available Champions, then you still need to pay.

Those are some recommendations for free games for MacBook that you can try. We all know, that any technology will not last forever. In other words, various electronic objects can be damaged even if we take good care of them. And when your Apple product is damaged, you can take it to our service experts at Dr Gadget service MacBook Jakarta.

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Dr Gadget will also provide a warranty of up to 30 days to 90 days after the repair is carried out. No less interesting than they are very experts on IC and Motherboard problems, you also get a money back guarantee if your device can't be repaired. How, don't hesitate anymore, contact us now to get your favorite device you can use again. Or you can also go directly to the Dr Gadget service center closest to your location.

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