Imagine going to your family doctor. When you’re ill you need a thorough exam, proper treatment, and in some cases the best medications to treat your illness. Your iPhone or iPad is no different. While we know you’d never try to self diagnose your own illness we can’t let you do that with your iPhone or iPad either. While some service centers may provide only the repairs you ask for, at Dr. Gadget we provide the exact solution for the problem you are having, with a thorough examination of your iPhone or iPad. With prompt treatment and in your face repairs we can have your iPhone or iPad feeling better in no time without any unneeded treatments ever. See a Dr. Gadget technician today for the best iPhone and iPad repairs in Indonesia.

Vision Mission


    To be the best professional repair center for iPhones and iPads and, to serve and give the best customer experience at the most affordable rate.


    To ensure that the process of repairing is as quick, effortless, and consistent as possible. Using only the best replacement parts, Dr. Gadget's team of highly-trained repair technicians have crafted a proprietary formula for turning the stress of a broken mobile device into a minor inconvenience that can be cured without any headache or hassle for you.